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Clinical  Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy is a process of inducing an altered state of attention in another person. In this state you are not unconscious or asleep and many people comment on their feeling of deep relaxation, comfort, security and a special sense of peace of mind.

People vary in their susceptibility to hypnosis but research indicates that even in a light state, significant therapeutic effects can occur.

Clinical hypnotherapy is particularly useful for altering behaviour patterns, symptoms and attitudes that have been difficult to control and resistant to change.

It is one of the most powerful methods of dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, trauma and stress, phobias, smoking, eating disorders, excessive alcohol use, low motivation, lack of confidence, gastrointestinal disorders, study problems, sexual disorders, sleep disorders, pain control, hypertension, gambling, migraine headaches, nail-biting, hair-pulling and tic behaviours.

Clinical hypnotherapy should be undertaken only by a Certified Psychologist who is a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis (ASH). Membership of ASH is limited to Psychologists, Medical and Dental practitioners who, upon completion of the Society’s two-year study course and successfully completing the comprehensive examination process, are awarded the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis.

My 45 years utilizing clinical hypnotherapy will ensure that your experience will be safe, powerful and effective in resolving your problems.

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